The articles in this section document our skills. They deal with our experience, the evolution of our work, and many more aspects that are fundamental to the creation of a masterpiece, but which seldom get the attention they deserve outside the workshop. [...]

Events and Exhibitions


Portfolio Events and Exhibitions Attending a show or an event is not only a way to highlight our ability to produce a masterpiece, but also important is the fact that it provides an opportunity to build relationships and the forum for valuable discussions. It allows us to [...]



Portfolio Prototypes Many design firms have relied on the stellar reputation built on proven experience of Giordano Viganò to produce the prototypes of their products or for some out-of-series pieces for one-time supplies. From these contacts enduring working relationships have been formed which have benefitted all parties [...]



How living in style was conceived for the past 50 years is shown by drawings you can see in the gallery of furniture design. Materials, style, colours, taste, shapes and size are a testimony of how design evolved across five decades with flow marking indicating the years in which they were designed. They [...]

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