Writing desk Marguerite


Portfolio Writing desk Marguerite Elegant writing desk made of maple wood with a thin edging in amaranth wood. A pen tray made of amaranth wood is built in the top, closed by a rounded lid. The writing desk has two drawers. The cross legs are decorated with polished brass [...]

Kit del Legnamé


Portfolio Kit del Legnamé The “Kit del legnamè”, is a refined carpenter kit, made of walnut, olive wood, leather, and brass . It contains six tools: bevel square, scriber, pencil, hammer, chisel and hand planer. The box has the edges inlaided with bone. In the double bottom there are [...]



Portfolio Tables Beyond the simple concept of function there must be a one-of-a-kind design that marries woodworking skills and quality materials:  this is the requirement that created these tables which are symbols of timelessness in their simplicity.



Portfolio Consolle Console table with central drawer in Macassar ebony and shagreen; the side shelves and hinges are made of ebony.Cm. 123x41x h.80 ART. CD11

Picture Frames


Portfolio Picture Frames A frame is not just a decorative object but the space in which memories recorded on a photo are kept, remembered, and admired. Frames of different shapes and materials well suited to any subject, be it a picture or artistic print, are an important complement to [...]



Portfolio Trays The humble tray was created to serve and yet these examples are far from trivial in design, material and workmanship. They become important pieces because they are decorative items long after they have served their purpose and lie empty and forgotten on a table. A [...]

Desk sets


Portfolio Desk sets Even though electronics and cutting-edge technology have flooded our offices, we still need to have the kind of objects that elegantly complete our desks. This collection includes a creatively designed desk set whose aesthetic presentation goes beyond functionality alone. Materials like ebony, bone, and [...]

Miscellaneous objects


Portfolio Miscellaneous objects Our homes contain small objects for daily use that we nevertheless select very carefully. They reveal who we are since they are our personal choice of items used to decorate rooms; their details show the knowledge and affection for the wood which is typical of [...]

Tabula Aurea Chessboard


Portfolio Tabula Aurea The game of chess is only an excuse for an exercise in style which underscores the "wisdom" of the hands and the originality of a piece that interprets the chessboard. The game surface, thanks to three ebony hinges, becomes itself the area containing the tray where [...]

Coffee Tables


Portfolio Coffee tables Although the items in this collection are thought of as complementary furniture with regard to their function, this definition is inadequate because it reduces the importance and value of this collection. The level of detailed work in the tables, containers and countertops demonstrates the passion for [...]

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