Project Description


Tabula Aurea

The game of chess is only an excuse for an exercise in style which underscores the “wisdom” of the hands and the originality of a piece that interprets the chessboard. The game surface, thanks to three ebony hinges, becomes itself the area containing the tray where the pawns are kept when not in use. The novelty lies in using Palm wood dissected along and across the vein to obtain the effect of the colour contrast usually seen by pairing black and white. The pawns are all of the same cubic shape, differentiating themselves only by the engraving on the silver cap. The chessboard is completed by a leather case for storage.

The Board which can be folded is made of Palm wood with the border in Gabon ebony. The hinges are in Gabon ebony, refinished on the outside in silver. The pawns are made of Palm wood and are laser-inscribed with symbols in silver. The storage case is in Nabuc leather. The ten pieces are numbered and signed.

Design Tim Watson 2007
open 33×33 cm;
closed 35x11x11.