Project Description


J plus I

FUORISALONE 2013 – Italian craftsmanship gives life to Japanese creativity

This cooperation created the pieces that make up the collection of the J+I presented at the exhibition in Via Paolo Sarpi 6, in the heart of the Milanese Chinatown and which this year hosted the Oriental Design Week.
Among the designers were Shinobu Ito and Kaori Shiina.
The latter coordinated the event and described her participation as follows.
KAORI: “I have lived here in Italy for many years and I thought I had landed in a very different culture from mine. But through a deep knowledge of this Country and observing Japan from far away, I realized that we have many common aspects which make us very similar. Italy and Japan are two countries where people understand and love beauty.

We both put a really high value on quality, the beauty of things and of nature. As time goes by, I can feel more and more the serenity which comes from an object made by hand in which there’s also the hand of time, the hand of passion, the hand of love and a sense of calm such as is found when looking at nature.  It’s just this beauty which makes us remember and honour all the millions of years of our life on the Earth.”

Shinobu and Kaori entrusted their designs to Giordano Viganò who crafted the pieces using his technical knowledge and competence in the choice of materials.