Walnut Valet Stand Gildo


Portfolio Walnut Valet Stand Gildo Valet stand made of walnut with a swivel base. On the top of the grid structure, there is a walnut change trays with a leather base. On one side of the grid structure there is a removable coat hanger in leather, while, [...]



Portfolio Ariel Foldable oval coffee table, made of pearwood. The countertop is divided into three parts to allow the folding and it is decorated with an ebony inlay. The legs are made of matt black lacquered wood, whereas the metal parts are made of polished brass. [...]

Writing desk Marguerite


Portfolio Writing desk Marguerite Elegant writing desk made of maple wood with a thin edging in amaranth wood. A pen tray made of amaranth wood is built in the top, closed by a rounded lid. The writing desk has two drawers. The cross legs are decorated with polished brass [...]

FuoriSalone 2019


Portfolio FuoriSalone 2019 ‘UN-REVEALED’ Creative Academy offers to the public of Milan Design Week 2019 the exclusive exhibition “UN-REVEALED” | Shaping secrets, which displays the design objects created by 20 Creative Academy students coming from 12 different countries. Inspired by the iconic high jewelry collection “Le Secret” by Van [...]



Portfolio Modì Frame made of walnut or mahogany, adorned with little inserts in the corners and characterised by a maple panel that is extracted to insert the photo. A little ring serves as a knob and gives a touch of ele-gance to this pretty frame. Dimensions Vertical cm. 21x [...]



Portfolio Giotto Elegant frame made of dark wengè wood that contrasts the wide curved passepartout covered with ivory galuchat. A metal edge finished in black nickel frames the picture that stands out thanks to the depth of the wooden structure. Dimensions cm. 33 x h.36 x p.7.5 Photo dimensions [...]



Portfolio Canaletto Frame made of two opposed materials: ebony and maple. The perimetral strips are tilted internally in order to direct the gaze on the picture. The little edge that frames the photo is decorated with four small ebony squares in the corners. Dimensions cm. 35 X H. 31 [...]

Ladybug box


Portfolio Ladybug Box Original round box made of walnut with ebony inlay. In order to open the box, the lid separates in two parts, that rotate on a brass pivot. The inside is divid-ed in several compartments and the central space has a lid covered with leather. Dimensions cm. [...]

Limia box


Portfolio Limia Box Box made of ebony with palm inserts. This materials suit well with the lid covered with galuchat. A metal ring finished in black nickel surrounds a semi-precious round stone. Dimensions cm. 33 x 12 x h.5



The articles in this section document our skills. They deal with our experience, the evolution of our work, and many more aspects that are fundamental to the creation of a masterpiece, but which seldom get the attention they deserve outside the workshop. [...]

Little temple


Portfolio Little temple Little temple of conspiratorial laziness, Raptus Europae wood – ‘Abitare il tempo’ exhibition – Verona 1990

Events and Exhibitions


Portfolio Events and Exhibitions Attending a show or an event is not only a way to highlight our ability to produce a masterpiece, but also important is the fact that it provides an opportunity to build relationships and the forum for valuable discussions. It allows us to [...]



Portfolio Prototypes Many design firms have relied on the stellar reputation built on proven experience of Giordano Viganò to produce the prototypes of their products or for some out-of-series pieces for one-time supplies. From these contacts enduring working relationships have been formed which have benefitted all parties [...]

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