Ladybug box


Portfolio Ladybug Box Original round box made of walnut with ebony inlay. In order to open the box, the lid separates in two parts, that rotate on a brass pivot. The inside is divid-ed in several compartments and the central space has a lid covered with leather. Dimensions cm. [...]

Limia box


Portfolio Limia Box Box made of ebony with palm inserts. This materials suit well with the lid covered with galuchat. A metal ring finished in black nickel surrounds a semi-precious round stone. Dimensions cm. 33 x 12 x h.5

Cigar box


Portfolio Cigar box Cigar box made in Macassar ebony, bone, snakeskin and iguana leather. The inside is refinished in cedar and the red border is of pomegranate wood. Cm. 39×28,5x h.14,5 ART. PS100



Portfolio Candlestick Candlestick made in Macassar ebony, bone and silver-plate. Cm. 42,5×42,5x h.47 ART. C800

Clutch Bag


Portfolio Clutch Bag Clutch purse in ebony and bone; also in ebony and iguana leather. Cm. 23x6x h.14 ART. BE901

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