Portfolio Ariel Foldable oval coffee table, made of pearwood. The countertop is divided into three parts to allow the folding and it is decorated with an ebony inlay. The legs are made of matt black lacquered wood, whereas the metal parts are made of polished brass. [...]



Portfolio Plié Tea table with flexible base in ebony makassar. The table top is a removable tray. All the metal details are in shiny brass.



Portfolio Marg The MARG tea table is the result of Shinobu Ito creativity and Giordano Viganò ability. The project was conceived for the J+I show for the FuoriSalone 2013. A show where six Japanese female designers developed their projects with the help of six italian artisans. The MARG tea [...]



Portfolio Theca Table with drop front, cristal top, the inside base is in shagreen and bone, the frame and hinges are in ebony and the base is metal. Cm. 46x43x h.60 ART. TRL5



Portfolio Stadium Macassar ebony table with crystal top and detailed refinishings in silver - Design by Tim Watson. Cm. 115x120x h.40 ART. TLT3



Portfolio Marrakech Two-drawer table in palm wood with maple interior, table top in shagreen and base in metal. Cm. 50x40x h.60 ART. TLS6 Tavolino Marrakech

Double Cross


Portfolio Double Cross Table with one drawer, pull-out shelf in Macassar ebony and bone, cross base in ebony with details in bone. Cm. 75x50x h.51 ART. TL21



Portfolio Decor This table made from Macassar ebony and shagreen, has one drawer. Cm. 60x45x h.50 CD11

Red Fan


Portfolio Red Fan Inspired by an antique kimono, this table made of wenge wood, is inlaid with a design representing a fan which is created from falcon eye stones artistically shaped and arranged. The stones are particularly valued for their rare natural colour. The framework of the fan [...]



Portfolio Clouds Inlaid in the table top which is refinished with pure gold are pieces of Plane tree bark arranged in such a way as to represent clouds. The base of the table is formed with six semicircular lengths of Walnut inlaid with gold threads. Cm. 150x90x h.49 ART. [...]



Portfolio Labyrinth A piece of naturally coloured malachite stone, artistically cut and shaped, is inlaid in the centre of the table top. At the ends there are two Greek frets made of bronze strips worked in a stirrup fusion style. The rest of the table is ebony from Gabon. [...]

Blue Moon


Portfolio Blue Moon A round piece of azurite (diameter 31.5 cm) characterized by various natural colours and a larger round piece covered with parchment, are inlaid in the table top. These two stones are surrounded by two bronze rings. They are part of the beautiful surface of [...]

Antique Fossil


Portfolio Antique Fossil Two precious ammonites (about 21 cm. in diameter) from Kazakhstan are inlaid in the surface of the table top which is covered with antique-looking pure gold leaf. The ammonites are characterized by a rare design and a splendid natural colour. The table is made of ebony [...]

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